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From our passion of trampling, born Trampling Fetish Show. Athena and her friends feel real pleasure to trample and crush Gommolo beneath them.

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violenti schiaffi dalle dee

Goddesses revenge

Silesia and Jacqueline are departing. Are expecting their slave who must bring to the airport ... when they receive a phone call: the slave is late and not a little! While they waiting for him the two friends think a way to get revenge. An hour later the slave is presented before them, sweating and panting, the girls make him sit down and while he says excuse after another to justify his delay, Jacqueline takes a rope and starts to tie him to the chair while Silesia starts giving him violent slaps ... the slave has no chance get away with, the two friends are so angry with him that pulling the blows with all the strength they have, no mercy, while the slave continues to apologize, which is not does nothing but do angry even more the two friends.
P.s.After being punished by slaps the slave was compelled to compensate the girls for the vacation lost, of course.

estremo calpestamento sulla gola

Double trouble

Jacqueline and Jessica, girls apparently sweet and quiet, become ruthless and cruel when it comes to crush their slaves under their feet. In this clip the girls trample on Gommolo's throat, climb with all their weight and staying there for a long time, until he coughed repeatedly while squirms to try to breathe, with all the weight of the girls still on him and that does not leave him a moment of respite...when one girl goes down, the other is immediately ready to go up again on his throat, more and more pulped.

soffocato e calpestato

Smothered and trampled

The girls enjoy to stifle Gommolo under their ass. In addition to having his face crushed under the weight of the girls, the carpet must withstand constant pressure on the belly and chest.

seduta con il sulo con tutto il peso sullo stomaco

Full ass

Guendaline are sitting for a long time on the stomach and belly of Gommolo, getting up only to give him some blows and to change position, always putting all her full weight.

piedi odorosi da leccare e adorare

Sweaty feet

After walking all afternoon, Mia and Lizzie come home with tired feet and sweaty. Then call their slave to take off their shoes, sniff and lick their smelly feet. The girls enjoy to dominate him, ordering him to suck her toes and taste them for a long, force him to hold out his tongue, as if it were a doormat, so they can rub it over their feet repeatedly to make him savor all their highly perfumed essence.

ragazza 180 cm calpesta a piedi nudi

Tall beauty

Athena (175 cm - feet size 40) submit to Claire (181 cm - feet size 41) her human-carpet Gommolo, which is in her first trampling experience. Athena makes him lie down and climb on him, followed immediately by the newcomer. The girls trample all over the body of their carpet, hard, jumping on his chest and belly, climbing with the full weight on his throat and face and marching with heavy stomp, before moving on to the second round...

il guardone viene punito dalle ragazze

The voyeur

Mia and Guendaline are undressing, when they hear a noise behind the door and see Gommolo that moves away fast. He was spying! The girls get angry with him and decide to punish trample cruelly on his throat. Mia has a decidedly insane idea, orders to Gommolo to put his head on the arm of the couch, with his throat in full view, while she and Guendaline climb and crush it with all them weight, repeatedly. After destroying the throat, the girls continue their punitive mission, continuing to trample on his penis and sitting on his face, smothering him under their ass and with all them weight, up to exhaust him completely.

Top Seller
violent high heels trample on stomach

Restrict Area

Violent is the right adjective to describe this clip. Athena, Silesia and Mia draw on Gommolo's belly a small square ... The three girls took turns go up on him stomach sinking and leaning all their weight on their sharp heels in demarcated area ... When Gommolo is now exhausted and starts wiggling to prevent at girls from of go up, Athena ties his hands to be able to continue their sadistic game to fill the little square of little spot red and sore.

Angry goddesses slapping

Angry Goddesses

Athena and Jacqueline use their slave as a footstool wearing high-heeled shoes. The slave moans and Goddesses tired to hear his complain about a trifle like some heel on him, give him a real reason to do so, slapping violently his face with full force and without mercy.

dangerous game on throat

Dangerous game

Three bad girls hit and trample Gommolo's throat, they are heedless of the fact that he can not breathe and suffocates under their weight...really a hard trial for Gommolo.EXTREME AND INSANE THROAT CRUSH!

triplet butt domination

Triplet butt domination

Three beautiful and ruthless girls, Athena, Mia and Lizzie sit and crush the face of their carpet under their ass, choking him and make him suffer under their own weight. In turn, a girl sits on his face, while the other two jump, sit and bounce with their butt on his chest and stomach or trample on the body of the human-bench, having fun and enjoying in seeing him suffer.

triplet stomach sitting

Triplet stomach sitting

Three is the perfect number .... Athena, Silesia and Mileva sit on top of each other and triple them weight of the stomach of Gommolo ... The action takes place primarily on the stomach but while one girl jumps and crushes the belly under her ass, the other two girls can occupy the chest and face, putting Gommolo condition may never know what to expect!

insane throat sitting

Insane throat sit

A extremely dangerous throat sitting .
Samanta has a violent way to smother, hitting and abusing Gommolo's throat with her butt. Her weight pushes his head almost to want off, and her little and firm ass, fits perfectly in his throat, making it difficult to Gommolo, endure her treatment, bringing he almost to fainting.

first arabel face sitting

First Arabel facesit

Is the first time that Arabel have the head of Gommolo at her disposal ... Her goal is to make it disappear under her ass.. and it succeeds very well! Arabel is a lot of fun while jumps, bounce and sits down and she tries to support all her weight on him.

hard jump on stomach and chest

Three jumpers

Athena, Mia and Lizzie in turn jumping on the stomach and belly of Gommolo. Also making jumps off the bench to get more momentum and make suffer more Gommolo under their blows!

extreme barefoot trample

Feet destroyers

The feet of Athena, Silesia, and Samanta demolished Gommolo's body. The girls trample without mercy, jumping and stomping on chest, belly, stomach, throat and head, never came down, and always with full them weight. Gommolo is already destroyed by them trampling, when they decide to group them six feet, first on his chest, throat and head, then all of his stomach and belly and finally on his chest. For the grand finale the girls trampling in turns stomach, chest and throat of Gommolo, while the other two go up on head and legs blocking him and forcing him to endure the harsh treatment.

throat under full weight

Throat under pressure

Athena and Mia, with particular wickedness, hit the throat of Gommolo and place their feet to crush it with all their weight, often block his breath, forgetting that beneath them there is a human carpet!

bikini stomach sitting

Mia's personal bench

"Very nice this bench ..." Mia satisfied smiles.
She mistreats stomach and belly of Gommolo under her ass, smashing under her weight..

testing human sofa under ass

Testing human sofa

Lizzie is excited to tested along with Athena the resistance and the comfort of their human-couch. Too loud for their taste, the girls suffocate him under their ass to get him to stop complaining and, in the meantime, squash his stomach under their ass and their feet.

perfect awakening the goddesses trample and crush the slave under them

Perfect awakening

Athena and Lizzie, to their awakening, they usually use a human mat as a carpet to get out of bed and pretend to find it already in position .. but Gommolo there is not. The two Goddesses call him several times, but Gommolo, remained asleep late in coming. The two friends angry at the delay of the carpet, make him lie down on the bed to be able to punish him of his shortcomings. They trample all over his body, using him as a carpet for their morning gymnastic exercises, jumping and stomping without pity to castigate him of his uselessness.
The two girls, order Gommolo to prepare their breakfast and bring it to the bed. But when Gommolo comes with two cups of coffee burnt and undrinkable, the two Goddesses are very angry, and began to choke him with her ass and with all weight. While one suffocates and crushes his face, the other sits on the stomach or trample his penis, causing a double suffering! For even more fun, the girls decide to sit on his face in two, crushing under their weight (120 kg). Gommolo moaning and struggles under them, so the girls decide to immobilize hands, binding tight, and gag him to continue to punish him without hearing his groans.
Gommolo is discharged by the two Goddesses that still want to get clean their feet with tongue before starting their day. But for this, they call Ciuffo, their footlicker, who carefully and thoroughly, licks, cleans and smell their feet.

footlicker for three goddesses

Footlicker for three Goddesses

Jessica and her friend Sofia are waiting for Athena and her slave, to get clean their shoes and licking her feet carefully. But to have this honor, the slave must pass a little test to see if his tongue is fit for purpose, Athena tells him to slip it between heel and the shoe, if he can have it stapled at least one of the three girls, will have the honor to lick the feet of the three Mistresses. The test is successful with low enough, but the slave is lucky, as the three Goddesses have a strong desire to get their feet licked. So Ciuffo, gently, takes off shoes to his Mistresses and begins to kiss their feet as a sign of submission, and then began to lick the soles one by one, while he is lying on the floor and serves as a footrest. The Goddesses are very demanding towards him, their dribble him to one another, passing the leash, so much so that at one point the slave does not know what to do! Insulting him for his stupidity, finally the three Goddesses dismiss him and told him to go to the kennel like a dog, while they give their opinion on his performace.

the goddesses dirty feet

The Goddesses dirty feet

Three Goddesses, six feet really dirty to clean. The slave is called by the Mistresses to do it. The three girls are very demanding and order him to lick and carefully clean every part of their blacks feet (heel to toe) and suck away the dirt while shove their feet in his mouth. The Goddesses are having fun to tease him and subdue under their feet dirty, that completely cover his face.

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